The Landgarten-Team

Like the plants in our Landgarten, the land”gardeners” are constantly thriving and growing. After more than 30 years of careful maintenance, the company already has 60 employees. And the forecasts continue to look good.

As a company, Landgarten is very proud of its roots. However, these do not only extend deeply, they also continue to spread. We are pleased that Landgarten is an employer for people from 8 different countries.


Herbert Stava

Founder & Owner
Origin: Bruck/Leitha, Lower Austria
Zodiac sign: restless pioneer
Loves: Chocolate in every shape and color – as long as it’s organic!


Johannes Strobl

Founder & Owner
Origin: Kapelln, Lower Austria
Likes: soy fields as much as soccer fields
Thinks: that hard work pays off – Landgarten is the best example


Florian Kühbacher

Origin: Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria
Has: over 15 years of Landgarten experience
favorite food: hot, hot, hot!!

We are looking forward to introducing you to even more employees in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!