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        Organic Apple Cherry Mix

        A creative, fruity snack mix for the small hunger. The Organic Apple Cherry Mix combines cashews, dried apple chips, sour cherries and sultanas to create a unique and genuine, fruity taste pleasure with a bite.

        Cashews roasted and lightly salted

        Organic cashews are considered as real superfoods. Their fine aroma with sweet accents unfolds after the fat-free, gentle roasting process and is rounded off by a hint of sea salt. So crunchy and most important so enjoyable.

        Cashews in dark chocolate with caramel & salt

        Mild organic cashews in creamy milk chocolate are a taste experience itself, but we are going nuts:  With caramel and sea salt this snack becomes a heavenly, delicate treat with an absolute potential for addiction.

        Organic Cashews Indian Curry

        The finest cashew nuts encased in a layer of curry and coconut include a feeling of South Pacific flair and invite you to relax in the sun. The perfect snack for wanderlust and the little hunger in between.

        Organic Cashews Rosemary

        A vacation feeling on the go with our Mediterranean organic cashews, which have been refined with aromatic rosemary and a pinch of sea salt. Gently fat-free roasted, the cashews impress with their unique crunch and delicious taste. Not only a delight on their own, but also as an ingredient in dishes or to spice them or to add as a flavourful topping.

        Organic Cashews Rosemary (Kopie)

        Entdecke die Geschmacksexplosion von Bio Cashews mit einem aufregenden Hauch von echtem Wasabi! Wir präsentieren das Beste aus beiden Welten: die samtige Cremigkeit der Cashewkerne und die pointierte Schärfe des Wasabi. Sorgfältig aus biologischem Anbau selektiert und mit hochwertigem, japanischem Wasabi veredelt, um ein unvergessliches  Geschmackserlebnis zu kreieren. Ob als einzigartiger Snack für zwischendurch oder als besonderer Kick im Lieblingsgericht, die Bio Cashews mit Wasabi werden die Geschmacksknospen erfreuen.

        Organic Cashews Japanese Tamari

        The mild cashews in combination with the traditional asian tamari sauce (gluten-free soy sauce) combine to create a spicy taste experience with a sweet note. Whether in between or as a topping to round off Asian dishes, the Landgarten Organic Cashews Japanese Tamari provide that certain something at every meal.

        Organic Premium Nut Mix

        We combine our absolute nut favourites into an exquisite selection of cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans. Premium snacking pleasure with fat-free roasting and the finest nut flavor in every bite. Whether snacking at your desk, while studying or on the couch in the evening – with the Organic Premium Nut Mix, every moment becomes something special.

        Organic Snack Mix Original

        Traditional from the country garden: The mixture of fat-free roasted soybeans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds from our own Austrian cultivation, refined with a pinch of salt. Whether after sport, against hunger in between or for a cozy evening on the couch. The Organic Snack Mix Original is the ideal companion for all your plans.

        Organic Pumpkin Seeds in Milk Chocolate

        Traditional Austrian pumpkin seeds become a minor sin with a clear conscience thanks to gentle roasting and the shell made from tender milk chocolate. A truly valuable snack in between.

        Organic Pumpkin Seeds in Dark Chocolate

        Crunchy roasted Austrian pumpkin seeds meet hundreds of the finest layers of fine-bitter dark chocolate. The small temptation with bite is a perfect snack alternative in between.

        Almonds roasted and lightly salted

        This crunchy snack convinces with fat-free roasted organic almonds of highest quality. The powerful roasted aromas are only refined with a hint of sea salt. So simple, so pure, so aromatic.