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Cashews roasted and lightly salted

Organic cashews are considered as real superfoods. Their fine aroma with sweet accents unfolds after the fat-free, gentle roasting process and is rounded off by a hint of sea salt. So crunchy and most important so enjoyable.

Cashews in dark chocolate with caramel & salt

Mild organic cashews in creamy milk chocolate are a taste experience itself, but we are going nuts:  With caramel and sea salt this snack becomes a heavenly, delicate treat with an absolute potential for addiction.

Almonds roasted and lightly salted

This crunchy snack convinces with fat-free roasted organic almonds of highest quality. The powerful roasted aromas are only refined with a hint of sea salt. So simple, so pure, so aromatic.

Almonds in milk chocolate with caramel & salt

Exquisite dark chocolate, sweet caramel and a pinch of sea salt create a remarkable enjoyable snack. The explosion of flavour finds its perfection in a crunchy organic almond.