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      • High Protein
      • Fairtrade
      • Lactose-free / Vegan
      • Without Nuts
      • Without Soya
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        Organic Amarena Cherry in Dark Schokolade

        The noble taste of the Amarena cherry combined with the high cocoa content of the vegan dark chocolate ensures an incomparable moment of pleasure. The gentle freeze-drying of the Amarena cherry creates an incomparably intense taste experience.

        Organic Berries in a Mix of Chocolates

        Freeze-dried strawberry pieces, blueberries and raspberries delight with a sweet combination with delicate organic Fairtrade chocolate according to their own recipe. The summery berry mixture shines through the interplay with dark, milk, and variations of white chocolate.

        Organic Strawberry in Milk Chocolate

        Enjoy strawberries the way they should taste – intense, fruity-sweet and without artificial flavors! Experience the full taste of freeze-dried strawberries encased in hundreds of smoothly melting layers of the finest whole milk chocolate.

        Organic Raspberry in Berry Chocolate

        Experience the probably most berry Landgarten chocolate dragée with incomparable addiction potential. Freeze-dried raspberries shine with an intense fruit aroma, coated with white organic Fairtrade chocolate according to their own recipe. The small chocolates are refined with a pinch of ground raspberry powder.

        Organic Strawberries in Dark Chocolate

        A perfect combination of freeze-dried organic strawberries with highquality Fairtrade dark chocolate. The sweetness of the strawberries pairs perfectly with the taste of the fine chocolate layers. Organic strawberries in dark chocolate sweeten every moment with an intense taste experience.

        Organic Raspberry in Dark Chocolate

        Experience the intense aroma of whole, freeze-dried raspberries covered with hundreds of wafer-thin layers of dark chocolate. A combination of a fruity and sour note with the slight sweetness of the fine-bitter dark chocolate. A refreshing take-out.

        Organic Ginger in Dark Chocolate

        Definitely the “hottest” seduction since chocolate has been around. A composition of candied pieces of ginger and bitter-sweet dark chocolate makes the heart of every ginger lover beat faster. Perfect for all those who like it a little sharper when snacking.