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        Organic Apple Cherry Mix

        A creative, fruity snack mix for the small hunger. The Organic Apple Cherry Mix combines cashews, dried apple chips, sour cherries and sultanas to create a unique and genuine, fruity taste pleasure with a bite.

        Cashews roasted and lightly salted

        Organic cashews are considered as real superfoods. Their fine aroma with sweet accents unfolds after the fat-free, gentle roasting process and is rounded off by a hint of sea salt. So crunchy and most important so enjoyable.

        Cashews in dark chocolate with caramel & salt

        Mild organic cashews in creamy milk chocolate are a taste experience itself, but we are going nuts:  With caramel and sea salt this snack becomes a heavenly, delicate treat with an absolute potential for addiction.

        Organic Cashews Indian Curry

        The finest cashew nuts encased in a layer of curry and coconut include a feeling of South Pacific flair and invite you to relax in the sun. The perfect snack for wanderlust and the little hunger in between.

        Organic Cashews Japanese Tamari

        The mild cashews in combination with the traditional asian tamari sauce (gluten-free soy sauce) combine to create a spicy taste experience with a sweet note. Whether in between or as a topping to round off Asian dishes, the Landgarten Organic Cashews Japanese Tamari provide that certain something at every meal.

        Organic Ginger-Coco-Nut Mix

        The dreamy-exotic mixture of tropical coconut, cashews and ginger spreads holiday mood as soon as the package is opened. The Organic Ginger-Coco-Nut Mix is ​​perfect for those who can’t get their next meal (and vacation) fast enough.

        Organic Snack Mix Original

        Traditional from the country garden: The mixture of fat-free roasted soybeans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds from our own Austrian cultivation, refined with a pinch of salt. Whether after sport, against hunger in between or for a cozy evening on the couch. The Organic Snack Mix Original is the ideal companion for all your plans.

        Organic Pumpkin Seeds in Milk Chocolate

        Traditional Austrian pumpkin seeds become a minor sin with a clear conscience thanks to gentle roasting and the shell made from tender milk chocolate. A truly valuable snack in between.

        Organic Pumpkin Seeds in Dark Chocolate

        Crunchy roasted Austrian pumpkin seeds meet hundreds of the finest layers of fine-bitter dark chocolate. The small temptation with bite is a perfect snack alternative in between.

        Almonds roasted and lightly salted

        This crunchy snack convinces with fat-free roasted organic almonds of highest quality. The powerful roasted aromas are only refined with a hint of sea salt. So simple, so pure, so aromatic.

        Almonds in milk chocolate with caramel & salt

        Exquisite dark chocolate, sweet caramel and a pinch of sea salt create a remarkable enjoyable snack. The explosion of flavour finds its perfection in a crunchy organic almond.

        Organic Almonds Mediterranean Tomato

        Italian flair for in between: The Italian nuts are refined with the uniquemediterranean flavor of tomatoes and herbs. A snack that brings warm summer days to mind and calls you to enjoy.

        Organic Almonds Japanese Tamari

        A bestseller from Landgarten. The crunchy snack convinces with fat-free roasted almonds with valuable content. A real treat wrapped in an Asian coating made from tamari sauce (gluten-free soy sauce). The perfect snack for in between and on the go.

        Organic Protein Mix Veggie

        A snack mix that invites you to experiment: whether for nibbling or as a topping for salads and cream soups. The Organic Veggie Mix of roasted and salted soybeans and pumpkin seeds from Austria, with dried tomato flakes and zucchini cubes is the perfect snack for the innovative and creative vegetable (snack-) lover.

        Organic Pure Superfruit Mix

        Whether as a fruity snack mix for in between, or to refine the quick muesli in the morning. Organic Pure Superfruit Mix combines the unadulterated taste of goji berry, cranberry, aronia berry, physalis and mulberry into a berry-fruity pleasure experience – without nuts.

        Organic Soya in a Mix of Chocolates

        A triple temptation made from chocolate and crispy soybean. Perfect for sweet connoisseurs who want a change. Enveloped in dark, whole milk, and white chocolate, the fat-free roasted soybeans become a colorful enjoyment experience.

        Organic Soya in Dark Chocolate

        The Austrian soybean meets hundreds of wafer-thin layers of the finest organic chocolate. For all bittersweet fans with a preference for crispy snacking without a guilty conscience. Perfect for a chocolate temptation in between.

        Organic Soya Snack Original

        The original for over 30 years: The organic soy snack original is the home exotic among the nibble snacks with a genuine taste. Harvested and refined in Austria, the protein-rich snack is roasted using hot air without the addition of fat. Crunchy in the bite with a nutty note, the Bio Soy Snack Original is only refined with a pinch of sea salt.

        Organic Soya Snack Tomato-Chili

        Are you fond of spicy snacks? Then you´ll love our crunchy roasted soybeans covered with a tomato-chilli coating and a natural protein level of 39%. The organic soy snack is the home exotic among the nibble snacks with a genuine taste. Harvested and refined in Austria, the protein-rich snack is roasted using hot air without the addition of fat. Crunchy in the bite with a nutty and hot flavour.

        Organic Soya Snack Tamari

        The organic soy snack is the home exotic among the nibble snacks with a genuine taste. Harvested and refined in Austria, the protein-rich snack is roasted using hot air without the addition of fat. This snack is not just crunchy, but also has a nutty flavour caused by the gluten free Tamari-sauce. To top it all,  the organic soya snack has a natural protein level of 40 %.

        Crunchy Peas Hummus Classic

        Discover crispy chickpeas in their latest and most suitable form: Crunchy Peas Hummus Classic combines the oriental taste of hummus with the innovative novelty on the snack shelf, the chickpea. Enjoy the perfectly complemented protein and fiber-rich pod snack, made without the addition of fat.

        Crunchy Peas Coconut Chili-Lime

        Just let your mind wander, and that while nibbling. No problem with the new Chickpea Snack Crunchy Peas Coconut Chili Lime. Relax while nibbling on crispy chickpeas, refined with a hint of lime, rounded off by wonderfully fine coconut chips. The organic snack invites you to switch off and enjoy gluten-free and rich in protein and fiber.

        Crunchy Peas Japanese Tamari

        Incomparable and never been there! This is how the combination of crispy chickpeas tastes, roasted without adding fat and the spicy tamari sauce. The organic snack not only convinces with its crisp bite and hearty taste, but also with its inner values ​​- namely with lots of fiber and protein.


        Our strawberry slices are super fruity, fully ripe and surprisingly crispy. Neither too sweet nor too sour to enjoy. The strawberries were immediately freeze-dried, after being harvested by hand. The water of the fruits is removed by vacuum, so that vitamins, minerals and a pure strawberry taste maintain. 100% organic quality for pure enjoyment.